Our team of qualified staff manufactures the products in properly equipped production halls that meet any requirements as to the accuracy and quality of the products mentioned above.

Manufacturing facilities

two-bay manufacturing hall for black materials in dimensions 36 x 60 x 11 m 3 cranes with a lifting capacity of 8 tons, 
1 crane with a capacity of 5 tons 
separate hall for stainless materials in dimensions 11 x 36 x 9 m with a 3,2-ton crane 

Material separation

shearing: t ≤ 12 mm, l ≤ 3000 mm 
cutting: D ≤ 340mm 
plasma cutting: 2000 x 6000 mm table with a proprietary column crane 1.5 ton 

all shapes designed in a CAD system 
carbon steel t ≤ 50mm 
stainless steel t ≤ 10mm

Material shaping

chamfering: t ≤ 10 mm, l ≤ 2000 mm (pressure 400t) 
pipe turning: t ≤ 8 mm, D ≥ 400 mm, L ≤ 3000 mm


- shielded arc welding with a semi-automated machine 
- MIG/MAG, TIG manual welding 
- shielded electrode welding


turning: D ≤ 50 mm 
boring: D ≤ 60 mm 
milling: ≤ 200x800mm 
planing: ≤ 6000mm 

Surface treatment

- steel bead blasting in a 6 x 12 x 4 m box 
- varnishing


/ other manufacturing activities by cooperation ...

Material separation

- laser cutting 
- water jet cutting 
- precision machining (turning, milling, cutting) 
- zinc coating (hot-dip and electroplating) 
- powder coating


The quality of manufacturing is guaranteed by our Quality Management System that is compliant with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009.

Inspections and tests

Required inspections and tests are performed on the products as per the Quality System plans:

non-destructive testing

- VT - visual test 
- PT – dye penetration testing 
- RT – radiographic test 
- UT – ultrasonic testing 
- MT – magnetic particle testing

mechanical testing

- tensile test 
- brittle test 
- welding seam breaking test 
- hardness test 
- chemical analysis of material

Logistics Department

On average, the company dispatches 200 trucks to its individual destinations per year.

Assembly and Industry Insulation Department

The department operates a number of assembly teams which assemble products, technology units,
equipment and industrial insulation in the EU, in the Near East and Central America.

Assembly operation procedures satisfy the requirements for occupational safety in standard assembly of steel structures 
as well as the requirements for occupational safety in special industries – oil refineries, etc.

Centre's activities:

- site management 
- installation of manufactured components 
- assembly of technology equipment 
- insulation of industrial equipment 
- electrical installations

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